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Today BOA operates a fleet of about 40 units and with more than 20 vessels on order.
The fleet consists of state-of-the-art construction vessels, offshore support vessels, modern tugs and large flat-top- and semi-submersible barges.

Taubåtkompaniet AS was founded in 1975 and Boa Offshore AS goes back to early 80's (formerly known as Boa Limited). During the last few years several other “BOA-companies” have been born, like Boa Deep C AS and Boa Sub C AS.

The company started its activities with operation of harbour towages and general services to the marine industry along the coast of Norway. Over the past 30 years, we have gradually expanded and are today operating a diversified fleet of about 40 units consisting of modern tugs, offshore vessels, construction vessels and both flattop- and semi-submersible barges.