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Caspian Mainport

Caspian Mainport is part of the Mainport Group of Companies a dynamic and forward thinking Irish Company committed to the Marine industry.
The Irish Head Office manages the Tug operation on the Shannon as well as having Ship Agency, Warehousing and Port Operations divisions throughout Ireland.

Additionally Mainport Africa has a ship agency division in Durban as well as a Logistics operation in Johannesburg.

We seek to grow our business providing marine and shipping services to customers in the offshore oil service industry and allied sectors. The business will always operate in a safe and environmentally sensitive fashion.

The achievement of our objectives will entail providing long-term growth and profitable trading for our shareholders whilst expanding and continually upgrading the knowledge base of our organisation and employees, and the asset base of our company. These objectives can only be attained by providing added-value and first-class service to our customers.