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DeepOcean controls a modern fleet of Multi Purpose Support Vessels adapted to the service range of the company, and has driven the evolution of new state-of-the-art vessels equipped with integrated heavy weather launch/recovery systems for both ROV’s and equipment modules. The company operates a “state of the art” ROV fleet, and has designed and perfected deepwater module handling systems. Dedicated vessels and systems are designed and built to operate in the most hostile environmental conditions.

DeepOcean is a recognised market leader in the provision of high quality services within Inspection, Maintenance & Repair, Survey and Construction Support and Subsea Decommissioning. DeepOcean operates in the oil, gas, and energy industry worldwide.

DeepOcean is the Subsea Division of the Trico Marine Group, a global provider of Vessels, Services and Engineering for the offshore energy and subsea services market. Trico Marine (“TRMA”) is traded on the NASDAQ.

The company was created in 1999 and is founded on the provision of high quality equipment and services combined with a team of highly experienced personnel with knowledge of deepwater operations worldwide.