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Greatship aim to provide safe, efficient and versatile vessels in order to fulfill the demanding needs of exploration and production companies, the world over. All our vessels are young, state-of-the-art technology, dynamically positioned with redundancy, capable of carrying multiple products (including liquid mud, dry-bulk, etc.), and capable of carrying out multiple operations.

Greatship (India) Limited (GIL), a wholly owned subsidiary of G E Shipping, is establishing itself as a premier service provider in the offshore energy exploration and production domain globally and in India. GIL enjoys the full financial support of G E Shipping and also conducts its operations with the same level of commitment and reliability that has been the hallmark of its parent since the year 1948.

GIL's business philosophy is to leverage capability beyond the management of its owned assets by entering into strategic alliances, and to be the partner-of-choice in the markets in which it operates.