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Island Offshore

Island Offshore has a modern fleet of advanced and high quality service vessels for the offshore oil industry. We will maintain, manage and operate the fleet in accordance with the best professional standards.

The Island Offshore Group is a leading provider of services to the offshore industry ranging from Platform Supply and Anchor Handling to Advanced Subsea Operations including Increased Oil Recovery (IOR) and Light Well Intervention (LWI). Our fleet consists of high quality vessels with an average age of less than 2 years. 11 vessels are currently operating in Brazil, Mexico, USA and in the North Sea. When the newbuilding program is completed the fleet will consist of:

· 9 Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)

· 2 Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels (AHTS)

· 3 Sub Sea Support Vessel (SSSV)

· 4 Riserless Well Intervention Units (RLWI)

· 1 Semi Submersible Drilling Unit (SS)