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Laborde Marine

In 1998, Laborde Marine began construction of two 210’ DP PSV’s, the M/V John P. Lab and M/V Red Lab, both of which are a part of the fleet today. Also added to the fleet was the acquisition of a 191’ Supply Vessel, the Grayson Lab.

To meet the increased demand for crewboat services, Laborde Marine formed a new company, Laborde Marine Crewboats, L.L.C. This company started out managing five crewboats in the Gulf of Mexico. Laborde Marine followed that with the acquisition (by related owning companies) of nine (9) 162’ crewboats/fast supply vessels within the last 12 months. The crewboat fleet today consists of 13 crewboats/fast supply vessels covering the shelf and deep water needs. Laborde continues to add to its fleet and is in the process of adding additional equipment.

The Laborde Companies have worked for such companies as B.P., Chevron, W&T, Hess, Anadarko, Mariner, Walter Oil and Gas, Apache and numerous others.