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We have buyers for AHTS, PSV's, CSV's, FSV's and Crew Boats.

Please send us an email


Pleased to hear.



Type Built Length Misc

FSV 30m+

PSV 1995+

AHTS 2001-

FSV N/B >50m

New build, Fuel Oil capacity >200m3, speed >25kts

PSV 2007- 75m

PSV 2000- 80-90m

Built 2000-2005, DP II, Free deck area 950m2, Fuel oil, 1000m3, Drill Water 1200m3, Fresh Water 1000m3, Liquid Mud 600m3, Dry Bulk 400m3, Methanol 350m3, Accommodation 30,

AHT 2005-

2005-2010 or N/B. Bollard Pull 150t +, FiFi

AHTS 2008-

Anchor Handling Tug Supply 7-8000 BHP. Minimum 80 Bollard pull. Built 2008-2010.

PSV 2000- 55-60m

FSV 2000- 40-50m

PSV 2002- 80-95m

Max draft 25ft, Cargo deck 1000m2, FIFI-1
Fuel:650m3, water:1,500m3, L.Mud:2,300m3, bulk:12,000ft3, methanol:120m3

PSV 2005- 50-67m

Fuel 300m3, Water 250m3, Liquid Mud 20mt, Cement 4000cuf, FIFI 2